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Imagine CALUM running into Luke’s hotel room being like “Dude get your ass out of bed I need help!!” and luke groaning and rolling over there to see fresh out of the shower Calum with dripping wet hair sticking up weirdly in multiple places. “How do I quiff it?!?” He asks anxiously pulling luke of of bed, leading him to the bathroom and shoving a hairspray and a hair dyer in Luke’s hand. Luke rolls his eyes and then sleepily starts talking CALUM through quiffing his hair.
"Like this?" Calum asks confused as he gets the brush caught in his hair.
"No you idiot" luke huffs swatting CALUMS hands away and taking over.  “I swear no one appreciates the art of quiffing these days” Luke mutters to himself finishing Calums hair for him.
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fetus michael
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i want 5sos to give me a five-page double-spaced essay in mla format 12 pt times new roman font on why they don’t play unpredictable anymore

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